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Inside the Investor's Brain (Wiley, 2007)

MarketPsych: How to Manage Fear and Build Your Investor Identity (Wiley, 2010)



Neuroeconomics Post-Doctoral Studies - Stanford University, 2003-2004.

Psychiatry Residency - San Mateo Medical Center, 2000-2004.

M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) - University of Texas Medical Branch, May 2000, with Honors.

B.S. (Electrical Engineering) - University of Texas, May 1995, with Honors.

B.A. (Plan II Liberal Arts) - University of Texas, May 1995, with Honors.



Visiting Scholar, Claremont Graduate University, Center for Neuroeconomics Studies , 2006-Present.

Collaborating Researcher, Stanford University Affective Neuroscience Project (SPAN), 2002-2004.
Psychiatry Resident, San Mateo Medical Center, 2000-2004. Chief Resident in 2003-2004.

Neural Network Software Engineer and Futures Trader, Intelligent Investments, 1995-1997.



 Neurofinance and Neuroeconomics

  Financial decision-making (money, investment, and trading psychology)
  Price patterns in the financial markets

  The neural reward system

  Investor Psychology Blog


  Sentiment mining of financial news, social media, and executive interviews MarketPsych Data

  Arbitrage of psychological price patterns in financial markets at MarketPsy Capital LLC

  Investor performance enhancement: individual coaching, investor personality testing, and fMRI screening.

  Seminars, 2-day workshops, and consulting.

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  Both books were named "Top Financial Books of the Year" by Kiplinger's Personal Finance.

  Residency Research Award. SMC Psychiatry Training Program, 2004.

  Harold R. Ford Award for Excellence in Psychiatry, University of Texas Medical Branch, 2000.

  Travel Award, University of Wisconsin Conference on Emotion Regulation, 2003 and 2004.
  Outstanding Thesis Award for B.A. Honors Program Senior Thesis: "Artificial Neural Network Forecasting of the S&P 500 Stock Market Index," 1995.



Associate Editor, Journal of Behavioral Finance

SSRN Category Editor, Experimental and Behavioral Finance

2003-2004 Ad Hoc Reviewer: International Journal of Yoga Therapy

2003-2004 Ad Hoc Reviewer: Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

2003-2004 Ad Hoc Reviewer: Neuroimage

2003-2004 Ad Hoc Reviewer: Trends in Cognitive Neuroscience

2003-2004 Ad Hoc Reviewer: Academic Psychiatry

2003-2004 Ad Hoc Reviewer: Psychology, Public Policy, and Law



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Multiple appearances on CNBC, BBC, NPR, CBS Evening News, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Barrons, and many others.



Richard L. Peterson MD works at the intersection of investor psychology and financial markets. Through MarketPsych Data ( he offers sentiment-related quantitative analyses of social media, financial news, and earnings conference calls for over 6,000 U.S. stocks. His firm MarketPsych LLC ( trains financial professionals in the use of psychological insights to improve their investment decisions and strengthen client relationships. He is a registered investment adviser and was previously managing director of MarketPsy Capital LLC, a psychology-based asset management firm ( from 2008-2010. His financial psychology research has been published in leading academic journals, textbooks, and profiled in the financial media including CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and the BBC. His book, "Inside the Investor's Brain" (Wiley, 2007), was praised as "outstanding" and a "seminal text" by Barrons. His second book - "MarketPsych: How to Manage Fear and Build Your Investor Identity" (Wiley, 2010) - was named a "Top Financial Book of 2010" by Kiplinger's. Dr. Peterson is an associate editor of the Journal of Behavioral Finance and has published academic research widely. He earned cum laude degrees in electrical engineering, arts, and medicine (MD) from the University of Texas, performed post-graduate neuroeconomics research at Stanford University, and is Board-certified in psychiatry. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and children.